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For overwhelmed parents, Sauce Boxx is the customizable subscription box that reduces time-consuming meal planning and prep, by simply adding a sauce or butter to pull it all together.

We get it.

When you're feeling guilty that drive-through or pizza dinners become a quick option you rely on, we're here to provide an easy solution that your whole family will look forward to. 

Make your life easy!

You take all the credit.

Meal times have never been so easy.

With our fresh products made by award winning chefs, and easy-to-follow recipes, Sauce Boxx is the shortcut to inspiration and making your meal times fast, easy, and delicious.

You'll be empowered as the great parent you are, and love well with meals your family will drool over!

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Sauce Boxx is literally LIFE CHANGING! As the CEO of a 6 figure business, mom of two kids (one with complex medical needs), and a husband that works full time, I need an easy button wherever I can find it.

Sauce Boxx makes it so easy to pull a meal together in no time.

Sauce Boxx blows me away with each shipment.

Sauce Boxx gives me a reprieve of all that thinking in my head at the grocery store and allows me to keep things simple while having a bad ass meal that tastes like you've eaten at a 5 star restaurant.

To say Sauce Boxx has been a lifesaver is an understatement. I need meals that are easy, yummy, and please a crowd.

As a busy single mom of five, Sauce Boxx has saved my tail more than once to answer the age old question of "what's for dinner?" 

Feel savvy for using Sauce Boxx.

Unlike other subscription meal boxes, our products can be used for many types of meals - and you control portion sizes, protein options, and ingredients. 

Still not sure?! Here are more reasons your life will be amazing:

  • Our products are made with fresh ingredients, NO added preservatives!
  • We are continually developing products and release new items seasonally.
  • All products have been kid-tested and approved.
  • You have complete control over your subscription.
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Sauce Boxx is so easy that even your spouse could do it.

Give yourself the stress-free shortcut you need to make meal times your family's favorite part of the day.

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