How To

Welcome to Sauce Boxx!

You're about to see just how easy it is to manage your subscription, by following the steps outlined below. You have full access to your account anytime, to add and swap products for your upcoming orders, and make other adjustments.

1. Once you have logged in and navigated to your Account Dashboard, to manage and customize your upcoming order, click "CUSTOMIZE My Sauce Boxx".

2. Find and click the button at the bottom of your order overview, which says "Customize Your Subscription".

3. To reschedule your next order date, click the pencil by "Next Order".

To apply a discount code, do so in the provided box.

To pause your subscription, click "Pause Subscription."

4. To simply swap out items that are in your current order, click the link underneath each item that says "Click here to swap the current product."

This will trigger a pop up with all products for you to choose from.

To edit amount of each item, click the black pencil and adjust accordingly. (For example, you want two jars of Everything Basil Sauce instead of one.)

To delete item entirely, click the red trash can button.

5. To add additional products to the amount you currently have in your upcoming order, find the link that says "Click here to add products to this contract". (See previous image for reference.)

This will open a small window, allowing you to scroll and select as many products you wish to add to your order.

6. Once you've selected the additional products you wish to add, and click "Next", your contract/upcoming order will be updated successfully.

7. To change your shipping address, navigate to "Product Shipping Info", and click the pencil.

8. To skip or reschedule any of your upcoming orders, navigate to "Skip or Reschedule Upcoming Boxxes", and adjust accordingly by clicking the pencil next to "Next Order Date" to reschedule, or click "Skip Order".

9. To change payment details, navigate to "Payment Details", and click "Update Payment".

10. To cancel, navigate to "Cancel Subscription", and select reason for canceling.