Sauce Boxx's Mission

We are on a mission to bring fast, easy, and delicious solutions for every meal right to our customers’ doorsteps, by creating fresh products in customizable subscription boxes.

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Bringing joy
to the home.

Sauce Boxx is obsessed with making our customers' lives easy and manageable.

Born out of necessity, our products now provide a shortcut to making life easier and allowing you to spend time loving on your family and being together.

Created from a place of needing an easy solution for meals and desiring more time for family together, Sauce Boxx serves customers with the joy of knowing our products are life changing. We reduce meal planning and preparation, by walking our customers every step of the way of empowering them to love their families well. We put the joy back into cooking by providing fresh products and simple recipes and the support that overwhelmed parents need.

Hi, it's your girl Madeline.

Founder. Owner. Mom. Queen of Leftovers.

As a busy mom balancing four kids, two businesses with my husband, my social life and theirs - I was often resorting to eating out for meals due to our schedule.

Sauce Boxx was created because I needed a shortcut to making my family's meals easy, fast, and delicious.  The inspiration struck when eating a simple chicken and rice meal with an incredible sauce, and I realized you could make dinner so many different ways as long as you have a good sauce to make it come together.

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inspired by my family

Food communicates love, so I want to love well.

If I can provide a meal that my family loves, they feel loved by their momma’s home cookin'.

So I inspire to create products that empower my customers to be able to do the same in return for their families - and be the solution to making meals fast, easy, and delicious.

Each product is initially created from the perspective of what I see customers and their families needing in their lives. 

After presenting the idea to my chefs, we start collaborating on the recipe. Once variations of the product have been made, they are implemented into meals and tested by my own family. Watching their faces and reactions, tells me everything.

... A 3 year old holds nothing back. So believe me when I say, all of our products are kid-tested and approved.

After being family approved, I move into a series of exploring and developing ways the product can be used, as well as hearing inspiration from family and friends who have tried them too!

Sauce Boxx is a game changer.

It's changed my life - and it will change yours, too.

Hey, busy parents

Love your family well with this solution to meal times - by simply adding a sauce, flavored butter, or marinade to your dishes. It's that easy.

No added preservatives

You heard that right. All of our products are made fresh, with quality ingredients and arrive right on your doorstep.

Endless possibilities

The flexibility with our products gives you all the freedom to throw together more than one meal or dish. A sauce or butter can be used in breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks or appetizers!

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