Warm stack of Pancakes with Sauce Boxx Blueberry Drizzle

Stack of pancakes with warm Blueberry Drizzle

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Easily take your homemade pancakes or waffles from zero to one hundred with the Sauce Boxx Blueberry Drizzle. The simple addition of the blueberry sauce will easily upgrade your breakfast and take it to the next level.

The best part about this recipe — besides the Sauce Boxx Blueberry Drizzle, of course — is the versatility. In the mood for pancakes? Use this recipe! Want some waffles instead? This recipe has got you covered. It’s super simple, quick, and made with mostly pantry staples, so you’ll be able to make it basically whenever you want. It’s a great breakfast treat, excellent on the brunch menu, and even better for a tasty late-night snack.

Now while these pancakes are pretty tasty on their own, they are ten times better with the Sauce Boxx Blueberry Drizzle. Simply warm up the sauce and spoon it over top of the towering stack of homemade pancakes or waffles. The sauce, which is made from super fresh blueberries, has notes of fresh lemon juice, mint, and melted butter to create a truly mouthwatering topping for the pancakes and waffles. You’ll might as well double the recipe while you're at it. Everyone will be going for seconds and thirds, just so they can spoon the blueberry drizzle over the pancakes and waffles.

Pancakes and waffles are the perfect vehicles for the Sauce Boxx Blueberry Drizzle. The simple flavors of the breakfast treats allow the blueberry drizzle to be the main star of the dish. The plain flavors of the pancakes and waffles leave the blueberries to really shine. Plus, the waffles and pancakes don’t overpower the blueberry sauce and instead truly compliment each other.

When making this homemade batter, there are a few tricks that you will want to follow. Make sure to check if the baking powder is fresh. This will ensure that your pancakes and waffles stay nice and fluffy. Also, don’t over mix your batter! A few lumps in the batter are definitely okay and will keep everything nice and soft instead of tough and chewy.

Pro tip: warm the sauce up while the waffles and pancakes are cooking on the stove — you can thank me later for that one! Now the only thing left to do is get cooking!

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