Blueberry Drizzle Mojito

Blueberry Drizzle Mojito

Looking for a cocktail to call your signature drink? Look no further than this blueberry cocktail with Sauce Boxx Blueberry Drizzle.  It's a Blueberry Drizzle Mojito!

This cocktail will quickly become your favorite drink to sip on. The drink couldn’t be simpler to make. It only has three ingredients but tastes so incredibly flavorful, thanks to the Sauce Boxx Blueberry Drizzle. Since the sauce has notes of lemon, mint, and butter, you find all sorts of flavors in your cocktail that you didn’t expect — all in the best way, of course. Don’t worry about the notes of butter throwing off the vibe in your drink, either. If anything, it makes it smooth and creamy in the best way.

When making this drink, it helps to pull out that cocktail shaker. Trust us on this one, as it will be worth the extra effort to get out those bar tools. The shaker will help the Sauce Boxx Blueberry Drizzle mix into every nook and cranny of the vodka. It will let all of the different aspects of the drink become one.

Adding the Sauce Boxx Blueberry Drizzle to a cocktail is a great way to experience the sauce. It isn’t just for garnishing, cooking, or baking. The flavors transform into something out of this world when mixed into a cold beverage. The blueberries are at their peak when swimming in an ice-cold glass of goodness.

To garnish this drink, feel free to throw a few lime wedges, mint, or frozen blueberries in your cup. The garnishes will pick up on the flavor profiles of the Sauce Boxx Blueberry Drizzle and really highlight everything the drink has to offer.

The blueberry cocktail is perfect to sip on during that hot summer night. It may sound a little sweet to drink with meals, but it is a surprisingly great pairing with meats and fish dishes. The notes in the drink complement the flavor of the food and surprisingly go very well together.

Pace yourself when drinking the blueberry cocktail. It will be so tasty that you’ll want to sip on the drinks all night long. And we all have stories of how well that has worked out for us. ;)

Make it a Mocktail and skip the Vodka!

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