Blueberry Drizzle Cobbler Al a Mode

Blueberry Drizzle Cobbler Al a Mode

If you are going to make one cobbler recipe this summer, let it be this blueberry cobbler. You might be thinking, what makes this blueberry cobbler better than the rest? Well, it's all in the Sauce Boxx Blueberry Drizzle. The addition of the fresh sauce adds flavors to the cobbler to make it truly irresistible. Made from fresh blueberries, hand zested & fresh squeezed lemon juice, butter, and a pinch of fresh chopped mint.

Thanks to the Sauce Boxx Blueberry Drizzle, blueberry cobbler doesn’t have to be a seasonal dish. The sauce lets you make this cobbler anytime you want. How you may ask? Well, instead of fresh blueberries, the recipe simply uses the Sauce Boxx Blueberry Drizzle. Now I know you are thinking that is simply not enough blueberry flavor. However, one bite of this sweet treat will prove you wrong.

The addition of the Sauce Boxx Blueberry Drizzle makes this cobbler so incredibly flavorful. Having the Sauce Boxx Blueberry Drizzle baked right into the cobbler lets the blueberry flavor truly shine. The buttery sauce melds right into the batter, creating a seamless burst of goodness. It makes the cobbler bright, creamy, smooth, and sweet all at the same time.

Cobbler is a great way to use the Sauce Boxx Blueberry Drizzle. It lets you make cobbler anytime you want and not just when blueberries are in season. Plus, the cobbler is the perfect vehicle for the sauce. It combines so well with the core ingredients and carries the flavor throughout each and every bite.

When making this cobbler, make sure to follow the recipe and keep an extra eye out when you are melting the butter. The butter is key to the cobbler and gives the dish the signature crumbly texture. If the butter doesn't melt correctly, the texture will be all out of sync. It will be stiff rather than smooth and won't have that melt-in-your-mouth texture. You’ll want the butter to have a golden brown look and be completely smooth.

Feel like taking the blueberry cobbler to the next level? Go ahead and finish it off with a giant scoop of vanilla ice cream and a giant spoonful of the Sauce Boxx Blueberry Drizzle. It’s really the cherry — or blueberry — on top of the dessert.

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